Toastmaster in Luton and Surrounding Areas

The Toastmaster in his red tail coat is a unique English tradition that has adapted and is as relevant today as when it all started in the eighteenth century. A Toastmaster adds a certain style, distinction and image to any formal or informal ceremony, event or Celebration with metculous preparation and attention to detail.

Today's Toastmaster offers the traditional services of greeting and announcing guests and introducing speeches and toasts, but combines these with the roles of advisor, organiser, presenter, communicator and diplomat.

His duties relieve the host of worry and stress and ensures the smooth running of any event.

Anthony is able to:

  • Discuss in Full the Details of your event
  • Offer Advice on Protocol, Tradition and Etiquette
  • Offer Advice to Those who are to Speak
  • Prepare Announcements
  • Act as a Master of Ceremonies, Compere and Auctioneer

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